Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula

Dance with Unconditional Love and Joy
Dance from The Awakening of The Soul and Opens up Ascension Chakra
Dynamic Mediation Dance, Hawaiian Hula with Ancient Lemurian Energy

This dance is originally from the Ancient (Lemurian) Spirit's dance.

Hula's origin, the Great Spirit… Connect with the God and its sacred energy, and dance in trinity.

In each session, you will have your body and mind released, detoxed, and purified, and your aura and chakras conditioned to be able to commit with sacred energy.

You will receive Unconditional Love Energy from the Great Presence, and individual's Inner God will be awaken, which will lead you to realize your real self as a light, spirit and soul.

Energy that comes out from Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula… Dancing with Unconditional Love and Joy is exactly a meditation dance which expresses your Inner God, and it is probably recognized as a "Zero Limits" of Ho'oponopono, or evened as a selflessness or emptiness of eastern thoughts.

It is a dance that connects our body with heaven (above), and let us feel and emit a clear light, and let us find yourself in "present moment".

Golden Age is already here at this "present" moment, “Now”.

Being as a citizen of Earth, we are now facing to receive Unconditional Love, Oneness so that it is now necessary to awaken, transform our consciousness, and higher the frequency of our energy and sharpen our perception.

Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula rebirth for Ascension and is here for you in this "present moment".

Through Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula, by experiencing Sacred Lemurian Energy flow into your body and spirit, I deeply hope that you will experience to higher your frequency, and live in fulfillment in this Aquarius(water) and United(unified/harmonized), New Golden Age..

Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula Class and Session

Speciality of the session
  • Activation of the Ascension Chakra
  • Conditioning of the 7 chakras, and otherwise, Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stella Gateway and Sacral chakra, and aura (detox, and purification). It will raise frequency to 13the chakras as Higher your oneness consciousness and by treatment and healing.
  • Soul awakening with dancing in Unconditional Love and Joy energy.
  • Expressing your Inner God and interact with your Higher Self, and speed up your soul growth.
  • You will be guided by sacred energy in dancing, so that your will experience energetic effect of detox/ purification compared to ordinary dance or healing.
  • Speeds up or flowers your ether vision, intuition, healing.
  • Mental balance, happiness, love and joy, positive perception will be increased.
  • You will experience purification of energy by voice healing as Tuning fork, and on the next step, you will experience energy hand down of Hawaiian sound.
  • Ancient Hula step will be experienced after experiencing purification and release for certain amount of time.
  • Quantum Leap, Dimensional Shift, Receiving of Messages etcs.

*Please understand there are different experiences depending on each of the soul, awareness and frequency.


Spiritual Energy Hawaiian Hula
Personal session: 20,000yen (60〜70mins)
For Beginner (short session/1 person)   7,500yen (30mins)
For Beginner (group of 2-3persons)7,500yen/person (50〜70mins)
For Advance (short session/1 person) 5,000-7,000yen (30mins)
For Advance (group of 2-5persons)5,000-7,000yen/person (50〜70mins)
Modern Hula
60mintues x 3 times a month : 6,000yen/month
Healing Session
Healing session  : 20,000yen (60mins)
Distance Healing : 7,500yen (60mins)